Vasarishtam (Vasarishta or Vasakadyarishtam)

Vasakadyarishtam is a popular Ayurvedic medicine. It is mainly used in the treatment of lung infections and asthma. The main ingredient of this medication is Vasaka or Malabar nut. It is a natural mucolytic agent that helps to break down the mucus in the respiratory passages and thus, provides relief from a cough and congestion in the chest. It also acts as an anti-asthmatic agent and eases breathing in the patients suffering from asthma.

Vasakadyarishtam is used for treating several other respiratory conditions such as common cold, bronchitis, and sinusitis. It is also called Vasakasavam, Vasakarishta, Vasakasav, Vasarishta, or Vasarista.


The herbal ingredients present in this medicine are given below:

  • Vasaka plant or Malabar nut
  • Dhataki (Woodfordia Fruticosa)
  • Jaggery
  • Cardamom
  • Cinnamon
  • Patra (Cinnamomum Tamala)
  • Kankola (Piper Cubeba)
  • Nagakeshara (Mesua Ferrea)
  • Hribera (Pavonia Odorata)
  • Trikatu, which includes Pepper, Long Pepper, and Ginger

Indications, Benefits & Uses

The different health benefits of this medication are as follows:


Vasakadyarishtam is a natural mucolytic agent. The herbs present in this medicine breakdown and liquefy the mucus in the respiratory tract, which can otherwise block the air passages and cause chest congestion and breathing difficulties. The mucolytic action of this medicine, thus, provides relief from the breathing problems caused due to the accumulation of a cough.

It can be used to treat the acute and chronic causes of a cough. It loosens the mucus in the bronchi and bronchioles and allows the patients to expel it easily. It also opens up the air passages by relaxing the muscles in the airways. It produces a soothing effect on the throat and reduces pain and irritation caused due to pharyngitis and bronchitis. The antibacterial properties of the herbs used in this medication help in destroying the bacteria causing infections. It also reduces a nocturnal cough and allows the person to sleep peacefully.


Vasakadyarishtam can be used to treat the common cold. It produces decongestant and anti-allergic actions, both of which help to reduce the symptoms of common cold. It modifies the response of the body to the allergens in the environment like dust and toxins and reduces the risk of allergic rhinitis. The anti-inflammatory action of this medication helps to relieve congestion in the nose and reduces swelling and an excessive production of mucus developed in response to the exposure to allergens. It also strengthens the response of the immune system against the allergens. This action helps in preventing frequent attacks of cold.


Vasakadyarishtam can provide relief from asthma. It eases breathlessness by opening up the air passages. It works by inducing relaxation of the muscles in the airways. It also loosens the mucus accumulated in the lungs thus relieving congestion and blockages in the air passages. A regular use of this medicine can help to prevent the long-term complications of asthma such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and emphysema, which occur due to the strain on the lung tissues caused by the repeated attacks of breathlessness.


Vasakadyarishtam is effective in treating fever caused due to bacterial and viral infections. It improves the general health of the patients and provides relief from the symptoms that usually accompany fever such as loss of taste in the mouth, lack of desire to eat anything, loss of appetite, tiredness, sleeplessness, and restlessness. It works by producing strong antipyretic and anti-inflammatory actions. It can be used to treat fever associated with pulmonary infections like pneumonia, tuberculosis, bronchitis, and influenza.

Recommended dosage of Vasakadyarishtam

Patients are advised to use Vasakadyarishtam in a dose of 12 ml, one or two times a day. The dose can be increased if the symptoms are severe or the result with the lower dose is not satisfactory. The maximum recommended a dose of this medicine is 24 ml, to be taken once or twice a day. They should take the doses after food to prevent the side effects like irritation and pain in the stomach. If the taste of the medicine is too unpleasant, it can be mixed with an equal quantity of water.

Patients are advised to avoid sour food during treatment with this medication to ensure better effectiveness and faster results.

Side effects of Vasakadyarishtam

Vasakadyarishtam is not known to cause serious side effects. It is a pure, natural formula containing herbal ingredients. It does not contain any chemical constituents. Hence, it is safe to use. In some cases, patients may develop mild gastric complaints and loose motions. These side effects may occur if the medicine is administered in a very high dose.

The safety of this medicine for the pregnant and breastfeeding women is not known. Hence, it is advisable to consult a physician before using Vasakadyarishtam during these periods.

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