Triphala Churna Benefits, Uses & Side Effects

Triphala is an Ayurvedic medication commonly used in the management of constipation, and for losing weight. It is a mild laxative and helps in improving digestion and assimilation. It is also one of the most effective natural colon cleansers. It is also effective for reducing belly fat and works well as a natural detoxifier. It aids in digestion and relieves several abdominal problems. This medicine contains three fruits, Indian Gooseberry, Belleric Myrobalan, and Chebulic Myrobalan in equal proportions.

Indications, Benefits & Uses

The health benefits and medicinal uses of this medicine are as follows:


Triphala Churna is a common remedy for constipation. It produces a mild laxative action and eases the passage of stools. It also loosens the hard stools and facilitates the bowel movements. The benefit of using Triphala Churna over other laxatives is it is a non-habit forming medication. Most commonly used laxatives are known to be addictive. Patients tend to develop a dependency on those medications, which often results in them requiring a higher dose to achieve the same laxative effect. However, Triphala Churna does not cause dependency even when used for a prolonged duration. It is beneficial for the people with mild to moderate constipation.

It works by stimulating the secretion of digestive juices and improving the digestion. It also produces a carminative action and helps to get rid of flatulence, gas, bloating, and abdominal distension.

Immune system

Triphala Churna can be used to stimulate the immune system. It helps in improving the functions of the immune system and thus, boosts the response of the immune cells against infective organisms. It makes the immune system more capable of fighting the germs. Thus, it helps in preventing recurrent infections in the upper respiratory tract, urinary system, skin, and the digestive tract.

Weight Loss (Obesity)

Triphala Churna offers awesome benefits for the obese patients. It aids in weight loss and reduces the visceral fat and cellulite. It works by producing a regulating effect on the fat metabolism. It increases the fat burning by increasing the metabolic rate of the body. According to the Ayurvedic science, the bones of obese people are weak because of the improper metabolism of fat. Triphala Churna helps in regulating the metabolism and thus, ensures stronger bones. It also prevents the accumulation of fats in the body and reduces belly fat.


Studies have shown that Triphala Churna produces a hypoglycemic effect, which is beneficial in the management of diabetes. It can be used in the treatment of type 2 diabetes, which occurs due to the resistance of the body’s cells and tissues to insulin. Triphala Churna helps in reducing insulin resistance and increases the uptake of insulin. This ensures a proper utilization of insulin by the cells and reduces the blood sugar levels.


Triphala contains several phytochemicals, which are a strong antioxidant and immuno-stimulator agents. The presence of these compounds has enabled Triphala Churna to delay the signs of aging, maintain the skin health, prevent the graying of hairs and reduce the oxidative stress in the body.


Triphala Churna is beneficial in the treatment of vertigo or dizziness. Regular use of this medicine can provide relief from the symptoms of vertigo and allow the person to feel fresh and be productive.

High Cholesterol and Triglycerides

Triphala produces a significant lipid regulating action. A decline in the level of total serum cholesterol can be observed after using Triphala Churna for a few weeks. It also reduces the levels of LDL cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood.

How to Use Triphala Churna

Patients suffering from the aforesaid ailments can use this medicine in a dose of 1 or 2 tablespoons every day. The doses can be taken after dinner, before going to sleep. The recommended dose of Triphala Churna for treating obesity is 1 teaspoon, two to three times a day.

There must be a gap of at least 45 minutes between the consumption of a meal and the dose of Triphala Churna. To get a maximum advantage, the doses should be taken with warm water or lukewarm milk. It can be mixed with refined butter or a tablespoon of honey.

Side effects of Triphala Churna

There are no known side effects of Triphala Churna. This medicine is prepared from 3 pure herbs and contains no chemicals. Hence, it is considered safe to use. When used in a high dose, it may cause a mild burning sensation in the stomach.

During pregnancy, it is best to avoid this medicine unless advised by a doctor. During lactation, it can be used in lower doses, based on the doctor’s advice. This medicine might not be suitable for the people with severe dysentery.