Shiva Gutika Benefits, Uses & Side Effects

Shiva Gutika is a highly effective ayurvedic medicine, which is indicated mainly for the treatment of the diseases affecting the liver. It is also used in the treatment of a few respiratory conditions, and neuro-psychiatric disorders.

Indications, Benefits & Uses

The health conditions that can be managed well using this medicine are as follows:

Hepatic diseases

Shiva Gutika is considered an effective Ayurvedic medication for treating ascites. It prevents the development and progress of this disease by inhibiting the engorgement of the veins in the abdomen. It acts as a hepatoprotective agent and protects the liver from the damage caused by the consumption of alcohol. It boosts the functions of the liver and prevents the progression of fatty liver diseases thereby reducing the risk of cirrhosis, which can be a precursor to ascites.

This medicine also prevents the other liver disorders like viral and bacterial hepatitis and alcoholic liver disease by producing antiviral, antibacterial, and antioxidant actions. It destroys the bacteria and viruses that cause hepatitis. It also prevents damage to the liver tissues from the free radicals, alcohol, and other toxins.


Shiva Gutika can be used to treat Fistula-in-Ano. It is a common condition affecting the anus occurring due to the formation of a small canal between the skin near the anus and the end of the bowel. Shiva Gutika can help in treating the symptoms of this condition such as bleeding from the stools and a slimy discharge while passing stools along with severe pain. It can also help to prevent the recurrence of the condition.


Shiva Gutika can also be used to treat an anal abscess. It is an infected cavity at the anal or rectal region filled with pus. It usually occurs following an acute infection in the glands of the anus. Shiva Gutika can help in providing relief from the symptoms of this condition like pain, oozing of discharge, discomfort, and difficulty in passing stools.

Respiratory Infections

Shiva Gutika can be used in the treatment and prevention of respiratory tract infections. It is highly effective in providing relief from infective disorders like the common cold, laryngitis, pharyngitis, sore throat, and sinusitis. It provides relief from nose block, running nose, headache, persistent sneezing, and fever caused by these infections. It can also be used to treat the infections in the lungs and the airways such as bronchitis, pneumonia, and tuberculosis. It reduces a cough, chest pain, breathlessness, and blood in sputum caused due to these infections. It is a powerful antibiotic, and antiviral agent, and helps to destroy the organisms responsible for the infections.


Shiva Gutika can be administered to the patients suffering from depression to help them recover faster. It regulates the balance of hormones in the nervous system and improves their moods.

How to use Shiva Gutika?

Patients should take Shiva Gutika in a dose of 6 grams per day. The dose can be taken 2 to 3 times a day in an equally divided amount. The dose can be increased if the symptoms are severe or if the results with the lower doses are not satisfactory. However, they should avoid taking it in a very high dose as it may result in pain and irritation in the stomach. It is advisable to administer the doses with milk, pomegranate juice, meat soup, or raisins.

Patients should take the doses after food only. They should avoid the intake of spicy and fried foods.

Light pathya rules should be followed while using this medicine. Patients should increase their intake of mung, rice, wheat, and milk for at least 7 days. They can continue with the same diet till the symptoms disappear completely. The medicine can be used for a period of 1 year for achieving better and sustained results.

Side effects of Shiva Gutika

Shiva Gutika is prepared from natural herbal ingredients. Hence, it does not cause any side effects. It does not contain any harmful chemicals. Hence, it is considered safe to use. However, using this medicine in very high doses may result in gastric irritation, burning sensation in the stomach, and loose motions. But, these side effects are mild and can be easily prevented by using the medicine in the recommended doses. The effect of this medicine on the fetus, when used by a pregnant woman, is not fully known. Also, there is no evidence to prove the safety of this medication when used by breastfeeding women. Hence, women should consult a doctor before using Shiva Gutika during these phases. The use of Shiva Gutika in children should be avoided unless advised by a physician.

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