Punarnavadi Kashayam (Punarnavadi Kwath or Kwatham)

Punarnavadi Kashayam is a highly effective Ayurvedic medicine used for treating respiratory diseases. It also possesses strong anti-inflammatory properties, which help in the treatment of a range of disorders linked to inflammation such as Crohn’s disease, and ulcerative colitis. It is available in a liquid or Kashayam form. It is also known as Punarnavashtak kwath and Punarnavashtaka kashaya.

Indications, Benefits & Uses

The properties and therapeutic benefits of this medicine are described below:


Punarnavadi Kashayam can be used to treat Myxedema, a condition characterized by the swelling of the skin and underlying tissues. It gives a waxy consistency to the skin. This condition denotes a severe form of hypothyroidism. Punarnavadi Kashayam can help in providing relief from this condition in a safe and effective manner. Regular use of this medicine by the patients suffering from hypothyroidism can reduce their risk of developing Myxedema.

Digestive disorders

Punarnavadi Kashayam is immensely beneficial for the management of inflammatory disorders affecting the digestive tract. It provides relief from the symptoms of ulcerative colitis, and Crohn’s disease by producing a strong anti-inflammatory action. It can be used to treat anal fistula and irritable bowel syndrome. The use of this medicine is beneficial in the management of certain abdominal tumors. The anti-inflammatory activity of the herbs present in this medicine prevents the growth and spread of these tumors.

Punarnavadi Kashayam can be used in the management of diseases like hepatomegaly, ascites, and cirrhosis. It also improves the appetite and hence, can be used in the treatment of anorexia.


Anasarca is a term used to describe generalized swelling or edema in the body. It can occur due to the renal disorders that affect the ability of the kidneys to get rid of excess water in the body. Punarnavadi Kashayam can help in treating this condition by acting as a diuretic. It improves the functions of the kidneys and flushes out excess water and toxins from the body thus reducing the swelling caused by water retention.


Punarnavadi Kashayam has been found to be beneficial for the patients suffering from chronic lung disorders like COPD. This condition causes considerable damage to the pulmonary tissues over a period of time resulting in breathing difficulties. Punarnavadi Kashayam helps in controlling the progress of these diseases by producing an anti-inflammatory action. It prevents further damage to the respiratory tissues and improves breathing.

Respiratory Infections

Punarnavadi Kashayam can also be used in the treatment of respiratory tract infections like common cold, laryngitis, bronchitis, and sinusitis. It mainly works through its ability to prevent inflammation in the nose and the airways. It provides relief from nose block, cough, persistent sneezing, running nose, headache, and fever.


Punarnavadi Kashayam is commonly used in the management of bronchial asthma. Patients with this condition experience repeated attacks of breathlessness due to the spasm of the muscles in the bronchi and the bronchioles. This is coupled with an excessive production of mucus, which aggravates the difficulty in breathing.

Punarnavadi Kashayam can help in controlling these symptoms in two ways. It corrects the response of the immune system and prevents inflammatory changes that increase the production of mucus and worsen breathing difficulties. It keeps the air passages open by reducing mucus secretions. Regular use of this medicine can help minimize the frequency of asthma attacks to a great extent.

How to use Punarnavadi Kashayam

Patients can use this medicine in a dose of 12 to 24 ml, twice a day. The doses should be taken in the morning between 6 to 7 am and evening between 6 to 7 pm.

Some precaution or Pathya need to be followed while using Punarnavadi Kashayam. Patients should avoid the consumption of non-vegetarian foods, leafy preparations, and any snack made of curd, or gingelly (sesame). They should also limit their intake of alcohol, tamarind, and too much of salt.

Daytime naps, excessive physical activity, and cold water must be strictly limited. Healthy lifestyle habits and a nutritious diet should be followed along with the use of this medicine. If patients are using any other medicine, they should keep a gap of at least half an hour between the doses of other medicines and Punarnavadi Kashayam.

Side effects of Punarnavadi Kashayam

Punarnavadi Kashayam is prepared using natural herbal components. Hence, it is completely safe to use. There are no side effects of this medicine. It may be used for a prolonged duration without the fear of any adverse effects.

However, special care needs to be taken while administering it to the people with diabetes, as this medicine can lower the blood sugar levels.