Privacy Policy

Better Ayurveda ( & its Sub-domains) is owned and operated by Dr. Anu Saini. This website has sole purpose to provide information about Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha Medicines and Herbs used in traditional and folk medicine and making it an information resource for practitioners of alternative medicine.

We undertake all the possible precautions to ensure the online privacy of our users and consider this a vital part of our website development and maintenance to be taken seriously and strictly.

This privacy policy is meant to provide information about how our website collects and uses the information the users choose to provide us.

Our Privacy Policy is applicable to our website of Better Ayurveda and its mobile-optimized versions and all versions appear on all devices.

The references to “us” “we” or “our” refer to Better Ayurveda. This Privacy Policy is meant to describe how our website collects and uses the information about the users of our website. It also provides information about how Better Ayurveda may disclose the data provided by the users. The term “Services” used for the purpose of this Privacy Policy refers to the Websites, the Apps, and all other information provided to the users in connection with their use of the Websites and Apps including, but without limitation to, reference content, news, tools, sponsored programs, applications, advertising, continuing medical education, email communications, and the discussion forum and boards.

We may disclose or share the information collected under our Privacy Policy among certain Websites and Apps we own or control. However, the information collected under this Privacy Policy will be kept confidential and protected under the terms of this Privacy Policy.

Information we collect

The information we may collect include the personal information as well as the data collected while you browse the website pages to understand the course of navigation, which is hitherto called the anonymized data. The personal information provided by you is not associated with the anonymized data as the browsing patterns of users on our website are not personally identifiable. The information thus collected will form a part of our database, which will help us analyze and conclude ways to serve our consumers better.

By visiting our website, choosing to register for our services, and providing us your personal information, you grant us the permission to use the information as mentioned in this privacy policy. Better Ayurveda collects this information to improve its current services. When you visit our websites, you may provide us your personal information that you choose to disclose as your conscious decision on an individual basis. The information may also be collected when you browse the websites. You may also provide your personal information that is essential to avail the services. However, we would like to ascertain that we request only that information, which is necessary to provide the necessary services or products requested by you. We may use the information provided by you to notify you about the important changes in our website, latest updates, product availability, our new services, and special offers that form an important part of our efforts at improving our services to the customers. However, we do not share the personal information shared by the users to any third party.

The information about the specifications of the client system including the anonymized IP address, system language, browser type, OS version, screen resolution metrics, and time zone may also be collected. The IP address may be anonymized by storing just the first three octets. The following information may also be collected from the users:

  • The movements of mouse, scroll actions, and mouse clicks taken on our websites.
  • The URLs of the web page that directed you to the web pages of Better Ayurveda.
  • Information that you provide us while contacting us for any query or information.


  • The use of cookies and similar technology with the help of tracking software. The information collected in this manner helps us monitor our visitors and understand how the website is used. This helps us to serve you better. This information is not personally identifiable.
  • You must be aware that our website uses cookies to store a unique identifier for your system. This helps our tracking software to grip and aggregate the data.

Third Party Cookies

  • The advertisements placed on our webpages by third parties may also deploy persistent cookies, but not session cookies, to enable them to understand your requirements and send you the right kinds of advertisements that are relevant to your needs. However, Better Ayurveda has no access to or control over the cookies placed by the third parties on our website. The placing of the persistent cookies by the third parties is meant to help them ascertain and gather information about you and the place from where you use your computer to view advertisements exhibiting similar products or services.

Disclosure of information

Better Ayurveda does not grant permission to access the personal information provided by its users to anyone, including the third parties displaying the advertisements of their products and services on our website.

We do not use the personal information of users to earn profit in any form including by way of leasing or selling the same to any unaffiliated company. However, we are not liable for any unauthorized access to the personal information on our site by any hacker who may steal the information; nonetheless, we are committed to take all the necessary precautions to protect your data.

Under certain circumstances, we may disclose your personal information when demanded by the law. The information may also be disclosed if we believe it to be necessary to abide by the law or to protect the interests of the users of our services, or our website or to defend our property.

Amendments in the terms

Better Ayurveda reserves the rights to amend, change, alter, delete, edit, or add any clause of this privacy statement. In the case of multiple logging in by the users, they may be subjected to two different provisions of the privacy policies, in which case the most recent one would be applicable. Accepting these terms and conditions and our privacy policy binds you to the most recent privacy policy automatically.

Own access

You may edit or view the personal data provided by you at the time of registering on our website by logging on to your account. We consider the information provided by you as vital and we advise you to log out at the end of each session to ensure the information is protected. If you are using a public computer or when the computer used by you can be used by someone else also, we advise you to log out at the end of session and ascertain whether your session has expired or not.

By logging on to your account, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions and the privacy policy of Better Ayurveda. You also agree that you have read and understood the terms and you consent to the terms of use, the privacy policy, and the disclaimer.