Mustakarishta (Mustharishtam)

Mustakarishta is an effective Ayurvedic medication, which is used to treat a range of digestive disorders such as gastritis, loose motions, and indigestion. It is a liquid medication with a bittersweet taste. Mustakarishta is also known by the terms Mustakarishta, Mustarishta, Mustarishtam, Mustharishtam, and Mustakadyarishta.


The ingredients present in Mustakarishta are as follows:

  • Musta (Cyperus Rotundus): 9.6 kg

A coarse powder of Cyperus Rotundus is added to 49.15 liters of water. The mixture is then boiled till it is reduced to about one-fourth of its original quantity. Then, it is filtered to obtain the Kashayam. Following herbs are added to the Kashayam:

  • Jaggery: 14.4 kg
  • Yamani (Trachyspermum Ammi) 96 grams
  • Dhataki (Woodfordia Fruticosa): 768 grams
  • Ginger: 96 grams
  • Clove: 96 grams
  • Pepper: 96 grams
  • Fenugreek Seeds: 96 grams
  • White Caraway Seeds: 96 grams
  • Chitrak (Plumbago Zeylanica): 96 grams

These herbs are mixed well in the Kashayam and the mixture is stored in a vessel. The vessel is kept tightly closed for amount one month. This allows the sugar in Jaggery to undergo fermentation. Once the fermentation has occurred, the contents are filtered and stored in an air-tight container.

This unique method of preparation ensures the contents are unaltered for a period of almost 10 years. Hence, the expiry date of this medication is 10 years from the date of manufacture. The medication should be stored in a cool and dry place preferably in an amber-colored bottle to protect from light.

Indications, Benefits & Uses

Mustakarishta can be used in the treatment of the following conditions:

Lack of appetite

Mustakarishta can be used to improve the appetite of patients suffering from acute and chronic diseases. Treating these patients with Mustakarishta on a regular basis can improve their appetite and help in the prevention of complications arising due to the low intake of food. The increased appetite also helps to prevent the risk of deficiencies and allows them to recover faster from the illness. It also helps them to get back to the routine life feeling energetic.

Digestive problems

Mustakarishta can be used to improve the digestive strength. It acts as a tonic for the digestive system and helps in treating gastrointestinal disturbances. It promotes the breakdown of food. It is commonly used in the cases of gastroenteritis, in which patients experience severe vomiting with diarrhea. This medicine provides relief from these symptoms and helps to maintain the energy levels. It also increases the ability of patients to perform their routine activities.

Mustakarishta can be used to get rid of flatulence, loose motions, indigestion, and abdominal pain. It acts as an astringent and reduces loose motions.

Malabsorption syndrome

Mustakarishta has been found to be effective in the treatment of Malabsorption syndrome. It works by boosting the functions of the digestive tract thereby increasing the absorption of vitamins and minerals from the food.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

The symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome can be controlled by regular use of this medicine. However, though Mustakarishta is indicated for the treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, patients should start taking it in a low dose as in some cases the stomach is unable to tolerate the spices used its preparation. They can start taking the regular doses once their body has adapted to the herbs.

How to use Mustakarishta

The recommended dose of Mustakarishta varies depending on the age of the patient and the condition to be treated. Adult patients should take it in a dose of 12 ml, once or twice a day. The dose may be increased to 14 ml if the results with the lower dose are not satisfactory or when the symptoms are severe. Since this medicine is very bitter in taste, it should be taken with a glass of water or mixed with an equal quantity of water before consuming. Patients can use it for a period of 2 weeks to 4 months.

Side effects of Mustakarishta

Mustakarishta is prepared from pure natural herbs. It does not contain any harmful chemicals. Hence, it does not cause any side effects. However, using this medicine in very high doses may result in gastric irritation and loose motions. These side effects are mild in nature and can be easily prevented by avoiding the higher doses. The effect of this medicine on the fetus, when used by a pregnant woman, is not fully known. Also, there is no evidence to prove the safety of this medication when it is used by the breastfeeding women. Hence, women should consult a doctor before using Mustakarishta during these phases.

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