Side Effects of Musli Pak

Does Musli Pak cause constipation? What are side effects of musli pak?

The most common side effects of Musli Pak is constipation. Therefore, some people may also require anti-constipation medicine along with it. It is also heavy to digest. So, it may also cause loss of appetite in a few rare cases.

The side effects of Musli Pak are not specific to any brand like baidyanath.

Musli Pak of any brand can cause constipation. Because it contains Safed Musli as a main ingredient, which has SNIGADH (Unctuous) quality and Madhura Ras (Sweet taste). In regard to digestion, it takes a longer time to digest properly in the digestive tract. Foods which are difficult or heavy to digest increase the changes of causing Kapha type constipation.

People who want to take Musli Pak should have good appetite and digestion.

To reduce its effects on bowel movement, one can try an ayurvedic appetizer and digestive herbs including black pepper, long pepper, ginger, fennel seeds, lemon, mint, thyme, etc. The selection of herbs should be according to Ayurvedic Prakriti and dosha aggravation in current health condition.