Kayam Churna Ingredients, Uses, Benefits, Dosage & Side Effects

Kayam Churna is an Ayurvedic medicine that has gained immense popularity as one of the most effective medicines for constipation. It offers a natural and long-lasting relief from the digestive complaints like gastritis, dyspepsia, flatulence, and indigestion. It works well in the management of acute as well as chronic disorders affecting the digestive system.


  1. Senna leaves
  2. Ajwain
  3. Haritaki
  4. Kala Namak
  5. Nishoth
  6. Svarjiksar
  7. Yashtimadhu

Indications, Benefits & Uses

The different health conditions that can be treated using Kayam Churna are as follows:


Kayam Churna is one of the most effective natural medications for constipation. It works by improving the digestion and increasing the motility of the muscles in the intestines. It promotes the propulsion of food through the digestive tract, which allows for an easy passage of stools and thus, eases constipation. Regular use of this medicine is highly recommended for the patients who suffer from chronic constipation due to disorders like irritable bowel syndrome. It can also help in preventing the consequences of acute and chronic constipation like bloating, piles, and fissures.


Bloating is the most common symptom of indigestion, which usually occurs due to constipation. Inability to pass tools not only worsens the ability of the intestine to digest the food but also leads to the accumulation of gas in the abdomen resulting in painful bloating sensation. The herbs used in the preparation of Kayam Churna help in providing relief from this symptom by treating constipation. It also improves the healthy microbial flora of the digestive tract. Kayam Churna reduces the distension of abdomen and also provides relief from the symptoms caused due to the extra pressure exerted by the distended abdomen on the chest like chest pain, and breathlessness.

Improves digestion

Kayam Churna boosts the digestive functions of the body. It enhances the breakdown of food in the stomach and the intestines. It increases the secretion of gastric juices and thus, improves the digestion of proteins in the stomach. Yashtimadhu, present in this medicine, is good for the stomach complaints like peptic ulcers.

The other herbs present in this medicine like lavana and Swarjika kshara are also effective in treating gastritis ailments. They improve the digestion capacity of the stomach and prevent excessive production of stomach acid thus preventing the development of gastritis, hyperacidity, and peptic ulcers. It also helps to prevent recurrent mouth ulcers.


Kayam Churna can be used to treat piles. It can also be used for the prevention of piles by the patients suffering from chronic constipation. Repeated straining for stools, which results in an increased pressure on the walls of the rectum and anal canal, is the common cause of piles. Kayam Churna helps in treating this by easing constipation.

Side effects of Kayam Churna

Kayam Churna contains pure natural herbs. It is devoid of any chemical constituents. Hence, it does not cause any side effects. It is completely safe to use. However, patients must use it in the recommended doses only as a higher dose of this medicine can cause gastric upsets, pain in the abdomen, diarrhea, and dehydration.

The effect of Kayam Churna on the newborn baby or fetus is not known when it is used by a lactating or pregnant woman. Hence, women should consult a doctor before using Kayam Churna.

Kayam Churna is known to cause dependence. Hence, it is very common for the people to continue using it for a very long period of time.

Also, Swarjika Kshara, one of the ingredients of this medicine, may cause a low sperm count and affect the quality of sperms. Hence, young men who are planning to get married or have children, or seeking infertility treatment should avoid a long-term usage of Kayam Churna.

People with diabetes should use this medicine after consulting a doctor. Patients having hypertension and high levels of potassium in the blood (hyperkalemia) should use this medicine only under medical supervision. Kayam Churna is not recommended for children.

How to use Kayam Churna

Patients suffering from acute or chronic constipation can take 1 or 2 teaspoons of Kayam Churna at night. The doses should preferably be taken before food. Taking the Churna with a glass of hot water is recommended is it helps increase the effectiveness of the medication.

Though Kayam Churna is a highly effective remedy for constipation, healthy lifestyle changes and a fibre-rich diet should be followed for a long-term and permanent relief from the symptoms.

They should avoid the intake of fatty foods while using this medicine. If they are using any other medication, they should take it half an hour before or after taking the dose of Kayam Churna.

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