Duralabharishtam is a popular Ayurvedic medicine used in the management of several disorders affecting the digestive system. It is mainly used in the treatment of piles. This medicine is prepared from herbal ingredients that have been used traditionally for improving digestion and obtaining relief from the gastric complaints. This product contains about 5 to 10% of self-generated alcohol. This natural alcohol and the water present in this medication serve as a media and deliver the water and alcohol soluble active components in the herbs to the body. The list of ingredients present in Duralabharishtam is given below:

  • Danti (Baliospermum Montanum)
  • Duralabha (Fagonia Cretica)
  • Patha (Cyclea Peltata)
  • Vasa (Adhatoda Vasica)
  • Vijaya (Cannabis Sativa or Terminalia Chebula)
  • Amalaka (Phyllanthus Emblica)
  • Dhataki (Woodfordia)
  • Nagara (Ginger or Zingiber Officinalis)
  • Sita (Sugar)
  • Water for decoction

Duralabharishtam Benefits & Uses

The different health conditions that can be treated using this medication are described beneath:


Duralabharishtam is a highly effective medication used for the management of piles. The herbs used in the preparation of this medicine have been used since centuries for treating digestive disturbances that can cause piles or worsen them. It reduces the symptoms accompanying piles like bleeding while passing stools, pain during defecation, sensation of a mass protruding through the anus, and chronic constipation. It works mainly through its action on the intestines, which results in an increased motility, improved bowel movements, and an ease in passing stools. It reduces constipation, which is a major factor contributing to the development of piles. Regular use of this medication can help in preventing the recurrence of piles in future.


Duralabharishtam can be used as a tonic for the digestive tract. It increases the digestive power and allows for an enhanced absorption and assimilation of nutrients by the intestines. It also increases the production of enzymes and juices that promote digestion. It has been found to help in treating malabsorption syndrome. This disease is characterized by an inefficient functioning of the digestive system due to which the absorption of food in affected. Duralabharishtam helps to treat this condition and thus, improves the nutritional status and general health of patients.

Irritable bowel syndrome

Duralabharishtam can help to control the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome to a great extent. It is a chronic disorder, which causes frequent episodes of indigestion, and abdominal discomfort usually accompanied by loose motions, or constipation. It may also cause pain in the abdomen, bloating, and vomiting. The digestion-enhancing herbs present in Duralabharishtam help the patients in getting rid of these symptoms and reduces the discomfort associated with this illness.

Gastric diseases

Duralabharishtam can also help in the treatment of diseases that arise due to the higher production of acid in the stomach. It relieves the symptoms of peptic ulcers, gastritis, and hyperacidity. It reduces the production of acid in the stomach and improves the digestion of proteins in this part of the gut. It also produces a protective action on the stomach and reduces the damage to the gastric mucosa from the acidic contents.

How to use Duralabharishtam

Patients should take Duralabharishtam in a dose of 12 ml, once or twice a day. The dose can be increased if the symptoms are severe or if the results with the lower doses are not satisfactory. However, they should avoid taking it in a very high dose as it may result in pain and irritation in the stomach. The maximum allowed dose of this medicine is 24 ml, to be taken once or twice a day. They should take the doses after food only. Patients should also avoid the intake of spicy and fried foods to minimize the risk of gastric side effects. If the taste of the medicine is too unpleasant, it can be mixed with an equal quantity of water.

Side effects of Duralabharishtam

Duralabharishtam is prepared from natural herbal ingredients. Hence, it does not cause any side effects. It does not contain any harmful chemicals. Hence, it is considered safe to use. However, using this medicine in very high doses may result in gastric irritation, burning sensation in the stomach, and loose motions. However, these side effects are mild and can be easily prevented by using the medicine in the recommended doses. The use of Duralabharishtam in children should be avoided unless advised by a physician. The effect of this medicine on the fetus, when used by a pregnant woman, is not fully known. In addition, there is no evidence to prove the safety of this medication when used by breastfeeding women. Hence, women should consult a doctor before using Duralabharishtam during these phases.

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