Dashmularishta (Dasamoolarishtam & Dashmoolarishta)

Dashmularishta is an Ayurvedic supplement that is primarily prescribed for the females to allow them to recuperate from the post-delivery weakness. It is nutritional syrup, which helps the women to feel refreshed and energetic even during the tiresome days of motherhood in the post-delivery phase.

Ingredients & Preparation

It is an Ayurvedic fermented concoction, which is prepared from powerful medicinal herbs. The word Dashmularishta refers to ‘dasha’ meaning ten and ‘moola’ meaning roots. Apart from the 10 powerful herbal roots, it also contains some other herbal ingredients including Ashwagandha, Draksha, and Manjistha, which help the women in recovering from the stress and weakness in the postpartum period in an effective and natural way. The list of some of the herbs present in Dashmularishta is given below:

  • Haridra
  • Kutaja Beej
  • Jatamanshi
  • Bibhitaka
  • Bharangi
  • Shati
  • Kustha
  • Priyangu
  • Tvak
  • Trivrit
  • Krishna Jiraka
  • Kantakari
  • Shyonaka
  • Dhanvayasa
  • Shveta
  • Yasti
  • Karkatshringi
  • Guduchi
  • Guda
  • Manjistha
  • Patala
  • Amalaki
  • Sukshmaila,
  • Padmaka
  • Jatiphala
  • Ashwagandha
  • Shatavari
  • Pippali
  • Haritaki

Dashmularishta Indications & Uses

The medicinal benefits of Dashmularishta for women are described beneath:

Postpartum fatigue

Dashmularishta is a potent nutritional supplement for the women in the postpartum phase. Most women develop weakness during this phase mainly due to the exhaustion from the labour. They also suffer from general body aches or pain in the limbs following delivery. These complaints often tend to last for several weeks and interfere considerably with the woman’s routine life. Dashmularishta can help in relieving these symptoms and ensure a speedy recovery of the new mothers.

It can prepare them physically and mentally to face the demands of motherhood. It also boosts their metabolism. Dashmularishta can improve the nutritional status of the women through the high vitamin and mineral content of the herbs used in its preparation. Additionally, it also increases the digestive power, which results in a better absorption of nutrients from the food into the blood. This further enhances the supply of nutrients to the body and allows a woman to overcome weakness and fatigue occurring during the post-delivery phase. The antioxidant and nutritive properties of this medicine ensures an overall wellness of the women.

Mental stress

Most women feel extreme stress during postpartum phase. They develop fear and anxieties about the challenges posed by this new phase in their life. They are constantly under stress about whether they will be able to take proper care of the baby. They are also stressed and exhausted due to the changed routine and their struggle to match their own schedule followed since several years to the constantly changing sleeping and eating times of the baby. This may also cause lack of sound sleep. Additionally, the hormonal changes occurring in the body after the delivery can affect the mental state of the women causing mood swings. All these factors result in a cumulative feeling of extreme nervousness and may even lead to depression. Dashmularishta is a perfect natural remedy to manage these problems. It acts as a rejuvenator and revitalizer and improves the mental state of the women. It prevents the risk of depression and strengthens the mind as well as the body. It provides a great psychological boost to the women by increasing their strength and stamina.

Skin conditions

Dashmularishta produces a favourable effect on the skin. Dark spots, acne, and dark circles under the eyes are the common symptoms experienced by the women in the post-delivery period. These symptoms may occur due to the lack of proper nourishment, mental stress, and the inability to get sound sleep. Dashmularishta can help in improving their complexion and enhance the glow of the skin by tackling the root cause of these symptoms.

Side effects of Dashmularishta

Dashmularishta contains natural herbal ingredients. It does not contain any chemical substances. Hence, it is completely safe to use. It does not cause any serious side effects. Mild gastric irritation may occur when this medicine is used in a very high dose or on an empty stomach. This can be avoided by taking Dashmularishta doses after meals. Dashmularishta is safe even for the newborn baby when the lactating mothers use it. Hence, mothers can use it during the post-delivery phase without worrying about any adverse effects.

Recommended Dosage of Dashmularishta

Women should use Dashmularishta in a dose of 15 ml once a day. They should increase the dose to 30 ml, once a day, if they suffer from severe weakness. The doses should be taken after meals. Women can mix the medication in an equal quantity of water in case they find the taste unpleasant.

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