Chitrakadi Vati (Chitrakadi Gutika) Benefits, Uses, Dose & Side Effects

Chitrakadi Vati is a popular Ayurvedic medication mainly used in the management of gastrointestinal diseases like anorexia and indigestion. It works by improving the digestion power. It is also used to treat a few respiratory diseases like asthma and bronchitis.

Indications, Benefits & Uses

The different health conditions that can be treated using this medicine are mentioned below:

Digestive disorders

Chitrakadi Vati contains a unique combination of herbs, which help in boosting the digestive power of a person. Plumbago zeylanica, one of the herbs present in this medicine, acts as an effective digestive stimulant and a carminative agent thus providing relief from indigestion and bloating. Chitrakadi Vati is also effective in relieving other digestive disorders such as anorexia or loss of appetite, piles, worms, ascites, colitis, and liver diseases. It improves the functions of the liver, relieves constipation, and augments appetite.

Piper Longum, another herb present in Chitrakadi Vati, dispels gas from the intestine and stimulates the appetite. It is also used in the preparatory procedure of Panchakarma. It is particularly useful when the patient’s digestion power needs improvement. This medicine is effective in relieving the symptoms such as a feeling of fullness in the stomach, hyperacidity, dyspeptic colic, nausea, and discomfort or uneasiness in the abdomen.

Chitrakadi Vati is commonly used to get relief from the symptoms of gastroenteritis such as pain in the abdomen, and loose motions. It also prevents dehydration caused by these infections. It maintains the electrolyte balance in the body caused due to the excessive water loss and restores the functions of the digestive system. It controls loose motions by reducing the motility of the intestines. It also helps in treating dysentery caused by parasitic infections.

Respiratory tract disorders

Chitrakadi Vati can provide relief from the respiratory conditions that cause breathlessness, and cough. It helps to loosen the mucus in the air passages thus relieving congestion in the throat and chest. It eases breathing by opening up the air passages and inducing relaxation of the muscles in the airways. It also reduces fever caused by respiratory tract infections such as pneumonia, acute or chronic bronchitis, and laryngitis. It soothes the throat and relieves pain and irritation caused due to laryngitis, and pharyngitis.

Malabsorption syndrome

Chitrakadi Vati is highly effective in the treatment of Malabsorption syndrome. It works by boosting the functions of the digestive tract and increasing the absorption of vitamins and minerals from the food.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

The symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome can be controlled well by the regular use of Chitrakadi Vati. It reduces the symptoms of these diseases like bloating, flatulence, pain in the stomach, discomfort, indigestion, and constipation or diarrhea. It expels gas from the stomach and counteracts the painful spasmodic symptoms.

Loss of Appetite

Chitrakadi Vati is commonly used in the treatment of loss of appetite. It increases the secretion of acid in the stomach and improves appetite.

Joint disorders

Chitrakadi Vati has been found to be useful in the treatment of joint disorders like rheumatoid arthritis and gout. Rheumatoid arthritis is a common condition that usually affects the small joints of the fingers and toes. Chitrakadi Vati provides relief from the joint pains and restriction of movements caused by this condition by correcting the abnormality associated with the immune system.

Gout is a metabolic disorder caused by an elevated level of uric acid in the blood. Chitrakadi Vati can help in controlling the joint pains caused by gout by regulating the metabolic processes and reducing the uric acid levels.

How to use Chitrakadi Vati

Chitrakadi Vati is available in the form of a tablet. The recommended dose of this medicine is 1 to tablets, two times in a day. Taking the doses on an empty stomach may cause gastric irritation. Hence, these capsules must be taken after meals with a glass of plain water.

Patients, who are using other medications, should keep a gap of half an hour between the intake of Chitrakadi Vati and the other medicines. This medicine can be used for 2 weeks to 4 months.

Side effects of Chitrakadi Vati

There are no known side effects of Chitrakadi Vati. This medicine is prepared from natural herbs and contains no chemicals. Hence, it is considered safe to use. When used in a high dose, it may cause a mild burning sensation in the stomach.

During pregnancy, it is best to avoid this medicine unless advised by a doctor. During lactation, it can be used in lower doses, based on the doctor’s advice. This medicine might not be suitable for the people with severe gastritis. Patients suffering from hypertension should take this medicine only under medical care, as it contains salt.

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