Chandraprabha Vati

Chandraprabha Vati is an Ayurvedic medication that can be used to control blood sugar levels in the patients suffering from diabetes. It is also an effective antibacterial and antiviral agent; hence, is used to treat infections in the urinary tract and respiratory system. The herbs present in Chandraprabha Vati help to provide relief from asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, and the common cold. The health benefits of this medicine are described beneath:


Regular use of Chandraprabha Vati is highly beneficial for the patients with diabetes. It helps in controlling the blood sugar levels and prevents the complications of diabetes such as diabetic nephropathy, cataract, recurrent infections, and neuralgia. It also helps to relieve the symptoms of diabetes like increased urination, unusual thirst, and increased appetite. It works by supporting the functions of the pancreas and thus, increasing the production of insulin. Hence, it is considered effective for treating type 1 or insulin-dependent diabetes. It can also be used to treat type 2 diabetes that occurs due to insulin resistance. Chandraprabha Vati reduces insulin resistance by 88% and increases the uptake and utilization of glucose by the cells.

Respiratory diseases

Chandraprabha Vati possesses strong antibacterial and antiviral properties, which help in getting rid of infections in the respiratory systems. It can be used in the treatment of upper respiratory tract infections like common cold, laryngitis, and sinusitis. It ensures quick relief from the symptoms of these infections like nose block, sore throat, hoarseness of voice, persistent sneezing, headache or sense of pressure in the forehead region, running nose, and fever.

It is also used to treat the infections in the lower respiratory tract like bronchitis, tuberculosis, and pneumonia. It reduces a cough, chest pain, fever, breathing difficulty, and blood in sputum caused due to these infections.

Chandraprabha Vati can be used to treat asthma. It reduces the frequency of the attacks of asthma and prevents shortness of breath, and wheezing.

Chandraprabha Vati has been found to be beneficial for the patients suffering from COPD, a chronic lung disorder that causes considerable damage to the pulmonary tissues. Chandraprabha Vati helps in controlling the progress of these diseases by improving the strength and capacity of the lungs. It makes breathing easier and prevents further damage to the lungs.

Urinary diseases

Chandraprabha Vati offers an effective natural treatment for the urinary disorders like urinary tract infections, difficulty in passing urine, and urinary calculi. The herbs present in this medication are highly effective in providing relief from painful urination caused by the infections in the urinary tract, renal stones, and even prostatic diseases. The antibacterial action produced by the herbs in this medicine helps to eliminate the infection-causing organisms in the urinary tract and thus, clears the infections. It also acts as an antispasmodic agent and reduces pain or abdominal colic caused by a renal stone.

Digestive complaints

Chandraprabha Vati can be used to relieve constipation, abdominal colic, and bloating. It is also useful in the treatment of piles, fistula, and liver, and spleen diseases.

What is the recommended dose of Chandraprabha Vati?

Chandraprabha Vati is available in the form of 500 mg tablets. Patients should use this medicine in a dose of one tablet, one or two times a day. The dose can be increased if the symptoms are severe. The maximum recommended a dose of this medicine is 2 tablets, once or twice a day.

This medicine can be taken with or without food. However, patients who suffer from gastritis or stomach upsets should take it after food only. The medicine should be used for at least 2 weeks to achieve noticeable results.

What are the side effects of Chandraprabha Vati?

Chandraprabha Vati is prepared from natural herbal ingredients only. These herbs are safe to consume even for a prolonged duration. Since some of the conditions that can be treated using Chandraprabha Vati are chronic in nature, the treatment for them to needs to be taken for a longer duration. The natural and chemical-free content of this medicine ensures that the patients can use it for a longer period of time without worrying about any side effects. In some cases, patients may develop mild gastric irritation. However, this symptom occurs only when the medicine is taken in a very high dose.

Since the effect of this medication on the fetus is not fully known when it is used by pregnant women, they should seek an advice of a physician before taking this medicine. Patients suffering from hypertension should take this medicine only under medical care, as it contains salt, which can increase their blood pressure.

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