Calendula Officinalis
Calendula Officinalis

Calendula Officinalis

Calendula Officinalis, commonly known as Marigold, is a flowering plant that is used for treating several skin problems. It possesses strong healing properties, which are beneficial in the treatment of wounds and ulcers. It is particularly used for treating post-operative wounds. It can enhance the repair processes of the body and help in the faster healing of injured parts.

It can also be used to reduce scars and burns. Topical application of this herb on the skin can help in preventing infections at the affected site. It is useful for preventing fungal and bacterial infections of the skin.


Calendula Officinalis helps to treat wounds by acting as an anti-inflammatory agent. It controls inflammation at the affected site and ensures faster healing of injuries. It contains a high content of flavonoids that produce a strong antioxidant effect and protect the damaged tissues against the harmful effects of free radicals. It prevents the worsening of the skin conditions by preventing oxidative damage as well as infections. This herb acts as an antifungal and antibacterial agent. It can destroy the microorganisms responsible for causing infections and prevents complications that can delay the healing of wounds.

Calendula Officinalis also supports the process of neo-vascularization in the skin. It helps in the formation of new blood vessels at the injured site. This action allows for an increased supply of oxygen, proteins, and other nutrients needed for the repair processes. This helps in the faster bridging of the gap between the edges of the wounds.

It also contains hyaluronan, which is a principal constituent of the extracellular matrix in the cells. It maintains the normal structure and integrity of the skin and minimizes scar formation.


Calendula Officinalis has been used for therapeutic and preventive purposes since several centuries. It is consumed orally or applied topically to support the healing of wounds and ulcers.


  • Ulcers
  • Wounds
  • Injuries
  • Skin infections
  • Postoperative wounds
  • Scars


Calendula Officinalis can be consumed orally or applied topically on the affected site. An ointment of Calendula Officinalis can be applied on the injured skin 2 to 4 times a day.


Calendula Officinalis can be used for treating skin conditions such as ulcers, wounds, and scars. It is also used to improve the healing of surgical wounds. The use of this herb is also recommended to prevent infections of the skin.

Skin disorders

Calendula Officinalis is a powerful healing agent. It can be used for the treatment of skin ailments such as ulcers, injuries, and wounds. It can help in the repair of the injured tissues and restore the health of the skin. (1)

It promotes the wound healing processes. Hence, it is also indicated for the treatment of surgical wounds, and burns. It helps to treat wounds by accelerating the natural healing mechanisms of the body. It produces an anti-inflammatory and analgesic action. It helps to reduce pain and swelling at the affected site. It also stimulates the regeneration of the skin cells along the edges of the wound. This results in reducing the gap between the wound and allows for faster healing. (2)

Calendula Officinalis contains Hyaluronan, which can contribute to the healing processes by enhancing the proliferation and migration of the skin cells. It can stimulate the regeneration of the new cells that can replace the damaged cells. It also supports the formation, and alignment of new capillaries at the affected site to speed healing. This action helps by ensuring an increased supply of healing nutrients to the damaged skin.

Hyaluronan also serves as the primary component of the extracellular matrix in the skin cells. It improves the health of the skin and heals it completely. These effects of Calendula Officinalis are supported by the rich content of antioxidants such as flavonoids in it. It protects the skin against the free radical damage and thus, prevent worsening of the condition.

Calendula Officinalis also produces an antifungal and antibacterial action. These properties are beneficial in preventing infections at the surgical and open wounds. It destroys the bacteria and fungi at the affected site and thus, keeps the skin free from infective organisms. This action of Calendula Officinalis is also beneficial for treating other skin infections such as oral thrush, ringworm, and athlete’s foot.

Calendula Officinalis is believed to produce a positive effect on the immunity of a person.  The flavonoids found in this herb can neutralize the toxins that can suppress the immune functions. This can boost the natural ability of the body to prevent infections and heal the skin.


Calendula Officinalis is considered a safe herb. It is not known to cause serious side effects when used based on the indications.

However, it may affect the action of some medications resulting in drug interactions. The use of Calendula Officinalis should be avoided by the patients using sedatives and antihypertensive drugs as it may interfere with the action of these medications and cause adverse effects.

In rare cases, patients may develop a mild skin rash following the application of Calendula Officinalis. This side effect is common in the patients who are hypersensitive to the plants belonging to the Aster family, such as chrysanthemums and daisies.

Calendula Officinalis can also affect the menstrual cycles and hormonal balance. Hence, it should not be used by the women suffering from menstrual irregularities. Its use must also be avoided by pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Women who are planning to conceive should avoid using Calendula Officinalis as it may reduce the chances of conception.

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