Ayurvedic Treatment

Learn about principles of ayurvedic treatment and how ayurvedic medicines work in any diseases. Which ayurvedic medicines are used to treat any disease. This category covers information of the following topics:

  1. Which ayurvedic treatment should be best for a specific condition?
  2. Which ayurvedic treatment is suitable for any health condition according to Dosha and Symptoms?
  3. Ayurvedic principles of treatment.

Which ayurvedic remedy is best for reducing excess body heat?

Can you please explain what should we eat or which ayurvedic remedy can be taken to reduce excess body heat? There are several ayurvedic remedies that can help to reduce excess body heat. According to ayurveda, you are likely to have increased Pitta Dosha in your body. There can also be several other causes that can result in excess body …

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