Dr. Anu Saini

Dr. Anu Saini is a Licensed Ayurvedic Practitioner (B.A.M.S.), Naturopath and Yoga Instructor (N.D.D.Y.).

Arjunarishta Benefits, Uses & Side Effects

Arjunarishta is a potent Ayurvedic medicine commonly used as a heart tonic. It is also known as Parthadyarishtam. It is a liquid medication that can help in the treatment and prevention of several cardiac diseases. Arjunarishta contains about 6 to 12% of self-generated alcohol, which along with the water present in the product serves as a media to deliver alcohol …

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Arvindasava (Aravindasavam) Benefits, Uses & Side Effects

Aravindasavam is an Ayurvedic medicine specifically used to improve digestion, and body weight in children. It is a liquid medication that helps improve the stamina in children. It is considered a general tonic that can tackle most health problems in the pediatric patients. Ingredients Some of the herbs used in the preparation of Aravindasavam are- Aravinda (lotus – Nelumbo nucifera) …

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Aragwadharishtam Benefits, Uses & Side Effects

Aragwadharishtam is an Ayurvedic medication used specifically in the treatment of various skin diseases. It is also called Aragvadharishtam and Aragwadharishta. It contains about 5 to 7% of self-generated alcohol. The water present in this medicine along with the natural alcohol acts as a media to deliver the active compounds in its herbal ingredients. Aragwadharishtam Ingredients The herbs present in …

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Abhayarishta (Abhayarishtam) Benefits, Uses & Side Effects

Abhayarishta is a potent Ayurvedic medication widely used in the management of piles and constipation. It contains alcohol that acts as a medium for the active ingredients of the herbs to dissolve. Ingredients The herbal ingredients in Abhayarishta include- Abhaya (Haritaki – Terminalia chebula) Draksha (Dry grapes) Madhuka (Madhuca indica) Vidanga (Embelia ribes), water for Kashayam, Jaggery Trivrit (Operculina turpethum) …

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Amritarishta (Amrutharishtam) Benefits, Uses & Side Effects

Amritarishta is a commonly used Ayurvedic medication that is effective in the management of several disorders affecting the fevers, respiratory tract, joints, and the digestive system. It is prepared using several herbs that have been proved to possess strong medicinal properties. These herbs enhance the physiological functions of the body. Ingredients of Amritarishta The herbs present in this medicine include: …

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