Dr. Anu Saini

Dr. Anu Saini is a Licensed Ayurvedic Practitioner (B.A.M.S.), Naturopath and Yoga Instructor (N.D.D.Y.).

Musli Pak

Musli Pak contains Safed Musli as a main ingredient. It is beneficial for providing nourishment and strength to the body. It also has aphrodisiac properties. It helps to improve physical performance, strength and libido in men. It also improves sperm count by boosting spermatogenesis. In the case of women, it is helpful in the treatment of leucorrhea and backache. The …

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Which ayurvedic remedy is best for reducing excess body heat?

Can you please explain what should we eat or which ayurvedic remedy can be taken to reduce excess body heat? There are several ayurvedic remedies that can help to reduce excess body heat. According to ayurveda, you are likely to have increased Pitta Dosha in your body. There can also be several other causes that can result in excess body …

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Research Studies on Abha Guggulu for Fracture Healing and Avascular Necrosis (AVN) Treatment

According to research studies, Abha Guggulu is an effective ayurvedic medicine for enhancing fracture healing. It is also found beneficial in avascular necrosis (AVN) management. STUDY 1 – Fracture Healing Abha Guggulu is commonly used for the management of fractures due to its action for hastening the fracture healing process. A study published in Ancient Science of Life in 1997 …

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Abha Guggulu Ingredients & Composition

Abha Guggulu contains Shuddha Guggulu as a major ingredient. It contains 50% Guggulu. In addition to Guggulu, it contains gum of Babul tree, Triphala powder, Trikatu powder and cow’s ghee. Abha Guggulu Ingredients The content of Abha Guggul is as follows: Gum from Babul (Kikar) tree 7.14% Triphala Powder 21.42% Trikatu Powder 21.42% Shuddha Guggulu 50% Cow’s Ghee Q.S. Triphala …

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Shankhpushpi (Convolvulus pluricaulis)

Shankhpushpi is a brain tonic that has tremendous potential in the proper working and functioning of the human brain. It is a traditional Ayurvedic herb. It is also called as Shankhuli or Shankhul in Hindi and Shankhpushpi in English. The botanical name of shankpushpi is Convolvulus pluricaulis. It has white and blue colored flowers that are round or bell-shaped. It …

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Jyotishmati (Malkangani) – Celastrus Paniculatus

Jyotishmati (Malkangani) - Celastrus Paniculatus

Jyotishmati is a woody herb with immense uses. It is an Ayurvedic plant that has many health benefits.  It is called by many names such as Malkangani in Hindi and Climbing Staff tree, Staff tree, Black oil tree or Intellect tree in English. Its botanical name of is Celastrus Paniculatus. It is native to India and used in various Ayurvedic …

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