Arvindasava (Aravindasavam) Benefits, Uses & Side Effects

Aravindasavam is an Ayurvedic medicine specifically used to improve digestion, and body weight in children. It is a liquid medication that helps improve the stamina in children. It is considered a general tonic that can tackle most health problems in the pediatric patients.


Some of the herbs used in the preparation of Aravindasavam are-

  • Aravinda (lotus – Nelumbo nucifera)
  • Kashmari (Gmelina arborea)
  • Usheera (Vetiverazizanioides)
  • Utpala (Nymphaea stellata)
  • Bala (Sida cordifolia)
  • Manjishta (Rubia cordifolia)
  • Jatamansi (Nardostachys jatamansi)
  • Ambuda – Musta (Cyperus rotundus)
  • Ela
  • Sariva (Hemidesmus indicus)
  • Vibhitaki (Terminalia Bellerica)
  • Shiva – Haritaki (Terminalia chebula)
  • Vacha (Acorus calamus).

Arvindasava Benefits & Uses

The different diseases that can be treated effectively with the help of Aravindasavam are mentioned below:

Lack of appetite

Lack of appetite is the most common problem in children. Treating the children with Aravindasavam on a regular basis can improve their appetite and prevent the problems arising due to the lower intake of food such as loss of energy and stamina. The improved appetite also allows the child to maintain a healthy body weight and prevents the risk of deficiencies.

Digestive problems

Aravindasavam can be used to treat several gastrointestinal disturbances in children by improving the breakdown and absorption of food. It promotes the absorption of nutrients in the food thus ensuring the body is supplied with the essential vitamins and minerals. This helps to maintain the energy levels in children and increases their ability to perform the intellectual and physical functions.

Aravindasavam acts well in treating flatulence, loose motions, abdominal pain, and indigestion in children. It acts as an astringent and reduces diarrhea. However, the anti-diarrheal action produced by Aravindasavam does not result in constipation. In fact, it works effectively in treating constipation as well. The antibacterial and anti-parasitic actions produced by this medication help in treating infections in the digestive tract.

Behavioral problems

The incidence of behavioral disorders like attention deficit hyperactivity disease, and autism and learning disorders like dyslexia and dyscalculia is rising since the past few decade sowing to an increased exposure to toxins in the food and environment by the child as well as the mother during her pregnancy. These disorders can have a detrimental effect on the personal and academic aspects of the life of child. Aravindasavam can help in controlling the symptoms of these conditions by enhancing the functions of the nervous system. It controls irritability and hyperactivity and calms the mind. It produces a relaxing effect on the brain thus reducing restlessness, agitation, and impulsive behavior in the children suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disease.

It also enhances the cognitive skills and promotes learning, reasoning, memory, problems-solving skills, and rational thinking. This improves their chances of living a normal life in spite of suffering from the behavioral disorders. It can also be given to the children who exhibit psychological problems like throwing tantrums and crying without reason.

Immunity enhancer

Aravindasavam has the ability to boost the functions of the immune system and direct its response towards clearing up infections. It strengthens the response of the immune system against allergens and thus, reduces the intensity and frequency of the attack of allergic diseases like asthma, rhinitis, and dermatitis in children. It also allows the immune system to fight effectively against bacteria, viruses, and parasites thus preventing infections.

Provides nutrients

Aravindasavam contains appropriate amounts of calcium and phosphorus, which help to maintain the health of the bones and teeth. It strengthens the bones and prevents the risk of rickets. It also contains vitamin D, which helps in improving the absorption of calcium. These nutrients also balance the secretion of digestive juices and bile thus enhancing the gastrointestinal functions. It also contains the essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that help enhance the physiological functions of the body and prevent the risk of several disorders.

Delayed milestones

It has been found that Aravindasavam can help a child achieve the milestones in a timely manner. It provides nourishment to the body and thus, ensures proper growth and development. It improves their gross and fine motor skills thereby allowing them to reach the appropriate milestones by ensuring proper posture and balance while walking, standing, and sitting.

Side effects of Aravindasavam

Aravindasavam is not known to cause any serious side effects. It contains natural herbs and is completely devoid of any chemical ingredients. Hence, it is safe to use even by the pediatric patients. In rare cases, Aravindasavam may cause mild gastric irritation, especially when it is used in very high doses. Hence, it is advisable to take this medicine after food.

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